About Us

Hayati is a global platform that operates all over the world with the aim of teaching Quran recitation, memorization and recitation. The platform seeks to spread the values and meanings of the Qur’an so that the Qur’an is a title for life in all its aspects.

The Prophet said: "The best of you is he who learns the Qur'an and teaches it.”

Hayati Quran aims at using E-learning communication platforms and smart phones to maintain the educational process of memorizing the Qur’an for Muslims around the world especially those living in low-income areas. The project aims at spreading out the Quran to areas where it is difficult to establish Qur’an centers on the ground, reaching out to Muslims living in areas far away from Islamic communities, and those living in war zones.  

The idea of the program is based on setting up Quran classes through contemporary technical means instead of the physical presence of students and teachers, by recruiting 1,000 Quran specialized teachers and administrators to teach, supervise and manage the educational process for 11,200 students through electronic communication platforms. It should be noted that all of the male and female teachers have advanced degrees, licenses, references and long experiences in the Tajweed and help students memorize the Qur’an.


Becoming the best choice to learn Qura’n’s recitation, memorization, Tadabbur and Tajweed on the internet.


Teaching the Qur’an’s recitation, memorization, Tadabbur and Tajweed on the internet.


  • Quality: We Provide High quality teaching of the Quran’s recitation, memorization, Tadabbur and Tajweed.
  • Innovation: We do our work using modern tools and innovative methods.
  • Respect: We maintain respect among all students, teachers and staff.


  • 1. Tarbiyah based on Qur’an Values.
  • 2. Teaching the recitation and Tajweed of the Qur’an.
  • 3. Help people memorize the Qur’an.
  • 4. Training of teachers and administrators to serve the Qur’an.